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Friday, December 25th thru

Sunday, December 27th, 2020 

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Featuring Dellarocco Studio's newest animated film,

The Cookie Cutter  Directed by

David Rocco Facchini

SalvAgeShun: The Found Object Sculptures of David Rocco Facchini

The allure of an object; it promises to fill our desires.  But as desire fleets, the object becomes trash.  What was once beauty is now a burden that gets passed on to our community, and piles around us all.


SalvAgeShun: The Found Object Sculptures of David Rocco Facchini offers an innovative mindset to help contain the virus of garbage: Find treasure in another's trash.  With images and sculptures inspired by discarded music instruments, film equipment, gardening supplies, bike parts, tools and every-day trash, David reimagines our undesired objects and gives them a new salvation, in this open-air gallery show held in Oakland, CA

Open February through March of 2021

483 25th Street,

Oakland CA

Every First Friday of the month: 5 PM - 10 PM

Every Saturday of the month: 1 PM - 5 PM

Scheduled Appointments Available via:

As featured on Chicago's WGN Morning News (ABOVE), David Rocco Facchini's found-object sculptures reflect the resourcefulness of repurposing discarded objects by turning them into art.  His work's been featured in films, shown in museums, sold in galleries & featured in festivals around the world. 

The MVP (2014)
The MVP (2014)

Pearl (2015)
Pearl (2015)

B&L (2015)
B&L (2015)

The MVP (2014)
The MVP (2014)


A Boy's Dying Wish Becomes a Feature Film to Fund Cancer Research

In 2015, Chris Parrish, the director of Thrill Ride, asked me to fabricate statues for the lead actors a small budget  feature film, written by his 11 year-old son Mason. An avid writer, Mason pitched to his dad, "What if they mixed Goonies and Night at the Museum?" And with that, father and son teamed up to write Thrill Ride!  Sadly, Mason succumbed to a rare & little researched pediatric brain tumor at the age of 10 just after completing the screenplay.

Although I was the lone sculptor to create a total of 5 full-body statues, I was up for the challenge, as Thrill Ride is the first ever feature film to be  produced where 50% of the profits of the film will go directly to charity! Starring Kristin Johnston (3rd Rock From the Sun) & Tim Kazurinski (SNL/Police Academy) 

Thrill Ride - now available on iTunes and Amazon: visit and

Danger & Eggs... & David! 

I'm a character in an Emmy-winning animated series, thanks to my good friend Mike Owens, Creator of Danger & Eggs!  Follow the fearless adventures of D.D. Danger & her best friend Phillip, an ever-fearful, giant walking talking egg!

Sure, Danger & Eggs features the voice talents of comics Aidy Bryant (SNL) and Eric Knobel, but look closely and you'll see my animated cameo in the opening credits! 


As Art Director for the zombie love story Between The Eyes,

I was tasked with creating practical effects for the end-of-times film.  From cool zombie stuff to a fall-out bunker retrofitted into a basement, this story literally starts with a bang! Check the preview!

Life on the Trail - A look into a gentrifying Chicago

Years before gentrification ran rampant through the Chicago neighborhoods of Logan Square, Wicker Park and Bucktown, an abandoned train line ran east to west through said neighborhoods. As a resident living off the tracks since 2003, I would often walk up there, as a reprieve from urban living. One summer day my friend Karen and I went there together and happened upon a homeless camp. The residents invited us over and allowed us to interview them.

Directed by:

David Rocco Facchini

Edited by:

David Rocco Facchini

Rubin Daniels Jr.


Produced by:

Edwin Ruiz

Mondo Machine &

Dellarocco Studios


Featuring: Tony, Stone, Sam, Johnny, 

Rusty, Karen Vanoni,

David Rocco Facchini


Although now a linear park called the 606, AKA The Bloomingdale Trail, these tracks were once homes to those displaced by the rapid and ongoing gentrification happening in Chicago.  This preview of Life on the Trail is a peek into the lives of the former residents of the 606 / Bloomingdale Trail, of whom, to this day I haven't been able to locate.